Denise Jennings
they have very nice jewelry and very reasonable prices two
saif Khan
Amazing customer service and Great prices.
Karl Mueller
Super nice and they gave me a great price on resizing my wedding band to a small size
I bought an engagement ring from sheikh jewelers, they gave me the best deal, no one else could match it in the entire mall. They provided excellent customer service and gave full warranty. Great people will continue doing business here. Greatly recommend them. Ask for Ali.
Jazzy S
Best deal so far .... and the good customer service. I bought a hollow 10k chain, I snapped it while taking it off, I checked the prices in different jewelry store they were charging $50 For a solder I only paid $20 at sheikh jewelers. Recommend buying jewelry here !!!
Debra Nichols
I needed a quick fix on a bracelet and they did at no cost! Very friendly. I would absolutely recommend.